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  Welcome to the portal jsFiction.com. At jsFiction.com, our objective is to create various innovative JavaScript libraries or applications that can help JavaScript developers, web developers or webmasters to extend the capability and functionality of the JavaScript.

  In the era of Web 2.0, JavaScript is playing vital role in internet/web development. Considering this point in the mind, we launched jsFiction.com and  decided to provide the web developers with some useful and innovative solutions for JavaScript development. The most of the solutions will be open source. Since the source is open, JavaScript developers or students can use the source code for study/learning purpose too.

  To start with, we have come up with an unique open source library which can be used for Graphics development in JavaScript. You can find more information about the project below.

jsDraw2DX: JavaScript Graphics Library (SVG/VML based, HTML5 Ready):

 Today (12-May-2012) we are pleased to announce that we have launched our new javascript graphics library jsDraw2DX. This library uses SVG and VML for rendering various basic and advanced shapes. Since SVG is also a part of HTML5, the library is HTML5 ready. The library supports most of the modern desktop browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE9, Safari, Opera, IE10 etc.) as well as popular old browsers like IE6,IE7 and IE8.

  The library is open source and free under LGPL license. Get the detailed information about the project here: jsDraw2DX Open Source JavaScript Graphics Library.

jsDraw2D: JavaScript Graphics Library:

  jsDraw2D is an open source graphics library for JavaScript. The library can be used for 2D drawing in the web browser (client side). Please note that the drawing is done purely in JavaScript with div elements and without using VML or SVG. It can be used to draw line, rectangle, polyline, polygon, circle, ellipse and arc. One of it's very important feature is it's curve drawing capability. Yes, the library can be used for drawing Bezier curves as well as curve passing through given points. Additionally we can set desired coordinate system, display coordinate grid lines, display range. Even we can set the origin at desired location point and change the scale of the drawing.

  The library is open source and free under LGPL license. Get the detailed information about the project here: jsDraw2D Open Source JavaScript Graphics Library.

For .Net Developers:

We have created a categorized directory of Open Source ASP.Net, C# and VB.Net Projects.